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Child-Resistant Packaging Testing and Certification

Child-Resistant Packaging Testing and Certification

Testing and certification of child-resistant packaging and lighters


Today ivm is in conjunction with internationally one of the few accredited institutions that provide a high standard of quality that tested child safety packaging for pharmaceutical and chemical products and childproof Lighters.


The test laboratory of ivm is accredited by the DAkkS German Accreditation Body in accordance with ISO 17025. Testing and certification of child-resistant packaging and lighters in accordance to the following standards:


1. ISO 8317 (2003)

ISO 8317 (2003) - equivalent to DIN EN ISO 8317 (2004) - is the international standard for re-closable child resistant packaging. It applies to pharmaceutical as well as to chemical products.


Only packaging that has been considered child resistant in tests with infants as well as convenient for elderly people according to the standards will meet ISO 8317 (2003).


2. EN 862 (2005)

EN 862 (2005) - equivalent to DIN EN 862 (2006) - is the international standard for non-re-closable child resistant packaging for non-pharmaceutical products.


There are different types of non-reclosable child resistant packages, such as packages where the content of which is used in one application (unit dose, one unit), refill packs, re-sealable bags, flow packs and packages that are made up of several joint single packages for single use (e.g. blister packs).


3. EN 14375 (2003)

EN 14375 (2003) - equivalent to DIN EN 14375 (2004) - is the European standard for non-reclosable child resistant packages for pharmaceutical products. EN 14375 has replaced DIN 55559 which is no longer applicable.


This standard is especially relevant for blister packs, stick packs and granule bags.


Alongside the above standards, testing and certification of child-resistant packaging and lighters also follows the below standards:


  • US 16 CFR § 1700.20 (PPPA)
  • US 16 CFR § 1210
  • AS 1928-2007
  • AS 5014-2010
  • AS 5808-2009
  • CAN/CSA-Z76.1-06 (R2011)
  • CAN/CSA-Z76.2-00 (R2010)
  • AS/NZS 4867.2:2002
  • DIN 15945 (2011-06) - Ease of opening of packaging
  • All corresponding national provisions of European countries

Acceptance and preference testing helps to develop packages that is suitable and appeals to the end users. As time, financial and environmental factors are critical to manufacturers and suppliers, it is important to carry out these tests before production begins, thus saving wastage of machinery, time and money. ivm Childsafe currently works with a number of the world’s leading pharmaceutical and chemical production and packaging companies. We deliver professional support at research and development through to final production stages and after care. With over 30 years of child resistance packaging experience we are able to offer specialist knowledge and consulting services.

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