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Sharp Packaging MAX Bagging Machine

Sharp Packaging MAX Bagging Machine

Sharp Packaging MAX Bagging Machine

The Sharp MAX is a versatile system designed to meet speed, size, labor and flexibility requirements for your bagging operations. The user-friendly MAX can be configured for optimal bagging performance-either semi-automatic or fully automatic.


Modular bagger with stand-behind printer

Print bar codes, graphics and alphanumerics directly onto your E-Z Bags® at the point of packaging

Full line of thermal imprint ribbons available


Integrated printer loads, prints, & seals your bag in one step!

Prints unique, variable information on each bag or a series of bags

Unique, flip-up printhead offers quick, simple maintenance and service


For short and long-run kitting applications


Low cost, fully automatic bagging systems in a variety of configurations

Automatic counters result in better accuracy

The MAX™ can interface to virtually any infeed device

Custom engineering services available

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