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Rotogravure Printing Machine B Series

Rotogravure Printing Machine B Series

Rotogravure Printing Machine B Series is suitable for roller to roller printing paper. It is used for heat transfer paper printing and is widely used in heat transfer paper to fabric. This Rotogravure printing machine uses high precision automatic computer color register system.


  • Unwinding and rewinding use double-armed turret type design, with auto tension control.
  • In-Feed with magnetic power brake control.
  • In-feed and out-feed rubber roller, printing press rubber roller, doctor blade are use pneumatic type.
  • Printing cylinder use shaft-less type design, color register supported by dance roller.
  • Doctor Blade use Pneumatic type, it is left and right moving Synchronous with main motor speed under one proportion or use separated motor control.
  • Standard machine use electrical heating system with the hot air recycles system, waste air pull out device install by customer themselves.Printing ink use ink pump circulating system supporting.
  • Out-feed use torque motor drive.
  • Rewinding use double torque motor drive, Double rollers rotary drive by motor.
  • This machine has Web video inspection.

Main Technical Specification:

 Model  KTMS-B1000
 Colors  8
 Printing Cylinder Diameter(mm)  120-300
 Printing Width(mm)  1000
 Unwinding Diameter (mm)  600
 Rewinding Diameter (mm)  600
 Printing Speed(m/min)  120
 Register Precision(mm)  ≤0.15
 Drying Method  Electric-heating
 Machine Power(kw)  100
 Weight(T)  20
 Size(m)  13.5 x 2.3x 2.6

Due to the technical upgrade, change the machine design, technical specification without notice.

Detail information:

  • Unwinding Part:
    • Double type unwinding frame.
    • Diameter unwinding:  600mm
    • Max Printing width:  1000mm
    • Unwinding automatic tension control and brake power
    • Use shaft type air-shaft, air-shaft diameter is 3 inch
    • Paper core Diameter: Φ76mm
  • Roller Part:
    • Rubber roller:
    • In-feeding and out-feed rubber roller diameter is 120mm,  press printing rubber diameter is?140mm
    • The material NBR Shore (A) 65~70
  • Motor:
    • Main motor is 11 kw
    • Out-feeding motor is 3.0kw
    • Rewinding motor is 3.0kw
  • Printing cylinder:
    • Printing cylinder diameter is : 120-300mm
    • Contains shaft-less device by air pressure holder for easy unloading and reloading the printing cylinder.
  • Doctor blade:
    • The doctor blade uses double axle type. Can tree position control. 
    • The doctor blade enable automatic left and right moving, control by separate motor.
    • The doctor blade working pressure with pneumatic.
    • Dancer roller control by high precision ball screw.
  • Ink Pump:
    • With ink pump system, every color with 1 ink pump free.
  • Drying Part:
    • Each unit have 14kw heating, every color is separate control.
    • Machine installation total power is about 38kw, during use power is about 10-15kw/hour, it is base on your printing material and design and speed.
  • Rewinding Part:
    • Double type rewinding frame.
    • Rewinding diameter is 600mm
    • Max printing width is 1000mm
    • use shaft type air-shaft, air-shaft diameter is 3 inch
    • Motor 3kw
  • Whole machine:
    • Machine frame material : casting iron, width is 500mm, thickness is 70mm
    • Machine weight: about 20T
    • Computer Color register: Kesai brand
    • Web inspection: Kesai brand

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