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Kinnareds Well

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Use ArkWell as a shim or sweep to prevent transport damage to the items you are shipping. You save both time and money as well as unnecessary complaints. By adapting the sheet dimensions to your requirements for delivery just-in-time, the work on the gasket can be carried out smoothly and efficiently and without unnecessary waste of material.

ARKWELL 50/70 gr (E-FLUTE = MiniWell OR B-FLUTE = FinWell)

The standard quality consists of 50 gr of kraft paper in the plain layer and 65 gr of 100% recycled paper in the well layer. The glue is environmentally friendly corn starch. The thickness is 1.5 mm (E-flute) and about 2.5 mm (B-flute) and the weight 140 gr / m².

Quick facts ArkWell

  • Prevents transport damage

  • No unnecessary complaints

  • Custom sheet sizes save time and money

  • No unnecessary waste of material

  • Environmentally friendly and recyclable

product information

  • Max width: 1600 mm

  • Max length: 3500 mm

  • Min width: 100 mm

  • Min length: 80 mm

  • As standard, we stock pallets in sizes 750 x 1150 mm

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