About Kinnareds Well

In the middle of the forest landscape in the country you will find Kinnareds Well, a company built with genuine small entrepreneurial spirit and traditions since the early 1950s. The company's successful concept is based on quality, flexibility and customization. Kinnareds Well is today Scandinavia's leading manufacturer of single well in short series and customized solutions. We are 12 employees and have a turnover of just over SEK 32 million.


In November 2016, the company was acquired by new owners with Småland roots and with extensive combined experience of running companies both in the packaging industry and other industries. Peter Syrén is the CEO and Board member and the other Board consists of Åke Sjödell, Lars Johansson and Kjell Eberstål as Chairman.

The well-managed company will continue to operate long-term and with a good business acumen. The ambition is to further develop the business and the products for the benefit of customers and partners.

The business idea

With a wide range of well products, we create total solutions for our customers' packaging needs. The solutions include packaging for everything from heavyweight industrial products to fragile consumer goods.

Our specialty is short series and customized solutions. We also deliver standard roll widths as well as pre-cut sheets that save time and minimize waste. With corrugated cardboard cushions, the goods are anchored efficiently whether they are used as spacers, fillings or corner covers.

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