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KrcPack Flexibles

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Bags with flat base Pouch packaging

Bags with flat base Pouch packaging

These bags are available in different shapes, from woven bags from side to side with bags with or without zipper. Made of laminated layers, characterized by their durability and striking shape.

Bags with flat base

Flat-bottom bags are five-sided, low-key bags for displaying the product mark.

Made of laminated layers, characterized by their durability and striking shape. Because of the actual flat base, these bags provide good product stability and a distinctive shelf display.

This type of bag is suitable for weights from 150 g to 10 kg. The

packaging is suitable for weight weights ranging from 150 to 10 kg, with the option of multiple grids that provide greater flexibility for designs and performance, as well as optional closure reels such as roller shutters, , And handles.

Round corners

Remove sharp edges, giving better use to the consumer.

What to tear

The consumer was able to open the bag without using scissors.

Easy opening / laser line

With minimal effort, this feature opens the bag to a straight level to maintain its exterior shape.

Euroslot slot

The opening at the top of the bag that enables the bag to be suspended to look more promotional.

Front Cloud:

The possibility of placing the zipper opening on the side of the bag, to secure the reopening and closure more effectively.

The upper cloud

Clamping technology is available on single, double or multi track tracks, with or without sound and multiple colors.

Pocket zipper

This patented cloud enables the bag to be fully opened when packing, and no need to open the cloud before packing.


Classes with zipper

The metal sheets shall be equipped with a zipper (easy opening and closing) even before cutting the bags.

Easy Lock® Sahab

It is a simple and easy to use zipper that secures the opening and closing of the bag easily and with a distinctive voice.


The tap technology is available in all shapes and forms, which make it easy to pour and pour liquid contents into bags.

Prints up to 10 colors

Flexo and Rotro printing up to 10 colors.

Laminated layers

Two-layer, three-layer or four-layer bags of various materials such as PET / ALU / OPA / BOPP / LDPE / EVOH PE.

Welding K

For an ideal base for powder products and dry products.

Welding circularly

For an ideal base for liquid products or very fine powders.

Curved shear

All custom shapes are available according to the shape of the bag.

Window on the product

A window can be added to different materials on the product, either on the layer drum or on the bag during manufacture.

Merge aspects

Adding the sides of the bag and making it a single layer of the top further promotes the shelf and better than the fully open sides, and provides the availability of a variety of shutters.


Ventilation system

The trapped air can be expelled into the bag.


Remove the metal layer / Add a window of any shape or size on the sheet metal sheet.

Multiple networks

On the same bag, several different plate foundations can be applied to improve performance, design and ability to add a window to the product.


The bags may be suitable to expose their high temperature content if necessary.

External texture

The possibility of adding a glossy or matte texture to the design, so that the brands / designers can create distinctive design ideas.

Pregnancy Holes

Double holes and convenience for heavy products for easy carrying.

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