KrcPack Flexibles

KrcPack Flexibles

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Shape Cut Pouches packaging

Shape Cut Pouches packaging

Pouches are available in different formats from a three-side seal to a stand up pouch, with or without re-closures. Made from laminated co-extruded films, they offer good strength and visual impact.

This pack format is suitable for 50g to 10kg weights with many different finishes from paper to metallised foils. Easy-open laser score provides greater flexibility to designs and performance as well as optional re-closure systems, top sliders, press to close (PTC), Euroslots and handles.

Round Corners

Removal of sharp edges, gives better consumer usability.

Tear Notch

Enables consumer to open pack without use of scissors.

Easy Tear / Laser Score

Enables a clean straight opening across the pack, with minimal effort.


Enables a hanging point for merchandising.

Front Zipper

Inno-Lok is a cost effective closure that can be on pre made bags and ffs films.

Top Zipper

(PTC Press to Close) Various single, double and triple tracks, with/out sound in various colours.

Pocket Zipper

This patented zipper enables fully opened top of pack when filling, and no need to pre open zipper before filling.

Pre Zippered Films

Rollstock laminated films with front zipper or easy lock closure pre applied.

Easy Lock®

Very easy and simple to use closer with distinctive sound when opening and closing.



Variety and spouts and inserts are available, spouts allow for easy pouring of dry products and liquids.

Upto 10 Colours

Offering superlative print in flex or gravure.

Laminated Film

Duplex, triplex, quadraplex structures, common materials PET / Metallised PET / ALU / OPA / BOPP / LDPE / EVOH PE.

K Seal

Ideal for powders, and dry products.

Round Seal

Ideal for liquids or very fine powders.

Custom Shape

Various custom shapes available.

Product Window

Can achieve a product window in material, whether film or pre made bags.

Reduced Gusset

Reduced Gusset / Single Lip – gives better shelf presentation than fully open gusset, also enables a variety of closures to be available.

Venting System

Enables expulsion of trapped air in packs.


De-Metalisation / Foil Window – registered window, any shape or size within metallised foil laminate.

Multiple Webs

Within same pack, you can have different laminate structures, for performance, design and ability of having a product window.



Packaging can be retortable if required.

Registered Varnishes

Registered Varnishes, offers a matt and gloss finish on design, so brands / designers can create a pack that stands out.

Handle – Two Holes

Double punched holes are more suitable for heavier products for easy transportation.

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