Mosca GmbH

Mosca GmbH

Gerd-Mosca-Straße 1, 69429 Waldbrunn, Germany

KZD-311 Fully Automatic Pallet Strapping Machine

KZD-311 Fully Automatic Pallet Strapping Machine


  • MOSCA-strapping machines are series-produced based on a modular principle

  • Sturdy design

  • Program-controlled integration in conveyor lines

  • Automatic vertical strapping

  • Robust single-pylon steel construction

  • Fully electrically driven

  • Strap dispenser KD 400 for synthetic strapping tape

  • With neutral-weight strap take-off and strap accumulator

  • Particularly suitable for automatic strapping of palletized cans or small containers

  • Low overall installation height thanks to side position of friction-weld sealing head

  • Friction-weld sealing head located at side

  • One KSR friction-weld sealing head travelling alongside package, one vertical arch

  • Height-adjustable pressure plate with springloaded suppression device for gentle package compaction/stack alignment during the strapping operation

  • Control panel with electrical and electronic controls

  • Moveable strap lance for strapping palletized goods

  • Floating head

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