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UATRI-2 XT Fully Automatic Strapping Machine

UATRI-2 XT Fully Automatic Strapping Machine


  • Motor regulator of the squaring device in the control cabinet

  • Two freely selectable performance steps (medium - maximum)

  • Reinforced squaring device

  • Integrated, wear-optimized transport unit

  • Conveyor "stop" (wear - energy)

  • Adaptive torque adjustment to the package size

  • Complete electromechanical squaring device

  • Quick release coil dispenser

  • Variable conveyor speed

  • Thermostatically controlled heat-weld sealing system

  • In-line strapping parallel to flute

  • Twin heads giving selectable single or double parallel strapping

  • PLC control Siemens type S7

  • Safety circuit for up-stream and down-stream systems

  • Structural coating RAL 5010 gentian blue and RAL 7035 light grey

  • Safety guard at infeed and outfeed

  • Lateral adjustment device. Alignment by gear motor and rack fixed on the floor

  • Signal light, red, yellow, green

Format Set-up

  • Automatic set-up: system resets to the dimension of the first bundle (Teach In)

  • Via format input: input of the bundle sizes into the control panel

Exact Bundle Squaring on all sides by

  • Backstops, alignment flaps and longitudinal pusher (no pneumatics necessary)

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