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Shrink Wrapping Packaging

Shrink Wrapping  Packaging

Shrink Packaging Services and Design

shrinkwrapShrink packaging and wrapping provides merchandise with a protective wrap of plastic film that is heat-sealed to create a clear, tight fitting package.

Full wrap shrink packaging and partial wrap shrink banding are both widely used and cost effective packaging methods.


Shrink wrapping increases the security of a package, keeps contents together, allows visibility of the existing marketing print, and improves the cleanliness of product on the shelf.

It also offers the flexibility required for unique package design and can accommodate virtually unlimited product sizes.

Common shrink packaging films are produced from a variety of gauges and clarity. These include:

  • Polyolefin

  • Polyethelene (high density and low density)

  • PVC

  • Print Registered Film

  • Large Format

  • Neck Banding

  • Bottle Banding

  • Shrink Kitting

  • Multi Package

  • Shrink w/ Bands

  • Promotional Shrink Wrap

  • Plastic Bagging

MSL Packaging & Fulfillment specializes in shrink packaging services that utilizes both high speed shrink and manual shrink wrap equipment to accommodate a wide range of size and volume requirements. Contact us today!



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