Wrap Around Labeling

Wrap Around Labeling

Pack Leader boasts a broad selection of quality, versatile labeling machines geared toward the specific labeling requirements of companies across the globe. Included in Pack Leader's impressive product portfolio is the PL-501 wrap around labeling machine- a fully automatic labeler with the exceptional speed, flexibility and dependability that sets this machine to stand tall among the market products.


The PL-501 wrap around labeling machine is designed to apply pressure-sensitive labels to round containers. The machine's one-touch screen also enables you to easily adjust the settings to apply labels to one side of flat-surfaced containers. The PL-501 wrap around automatic labeling system can be used as standalone unit or as a part of an integrated production line with filling, capping, and induction sealing machines.


PL-501 wrap around automatic labeling machine is a perfect production partner and your best choice of a long term investment!

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