Form-fill-seal Machine

Form-fill-seal Machine

Form Fill & Seal Machines – Model Vertiflow I & II


These vertical flow pack machines can handle a wide range of products either in powdered or granular or small solids form i.e. confectionery, bakery items, dry-fruit and other allied products. These vertical flow pack machines are versatile and ideal for general-purpose packaging. With easy operation and maintenance, the whole system is PLC controlled.


The style of wrapping involved for these machines varies from pillow pouch with fin sealed ends and fin or overlap longitudinal seam with or without gussets. The wrapping materials used for resistance sealing are cellulose films, bi and tri-laminates, wax laminated cellulose films, saram-coated foils. Unsupported polyethylene or any other poly material is used for impulse sealing.

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