Pacwel Equipments

Pacwel Equipments

233, Gobind Udyog Bhawan, Bal Rajeshwar Road, Mulund (w), Mumbai, India.

AboutPacwel Equipments

Pacwel Equipments manufacture and export automatic packing and wrapping machines, and are one of the most reputed and reliable companies in the industry. They pack all general commodities, food and pharmaceuticals products in particular.


The company has a specialized range of products catering to the packaging industry. Among the diverse group, their candy wrapping machine, form fill seal machines and horizontal flow pack machine are the most popular and fast selling products.


Pacwel’s product range is broadly divided into horizontal flow pack machines, vertical flow pack machines, form fill seal machines and cut & wrapping machines.


Pacwel has different type of feeding systems for the form fill seal machines range that include, twin-head electronic type load cells, weighers / multihead weighers, cup filler and Auger filler and other special feeding arrangements suitable for packing various products.


Pacwel also have a 6-track sachet-packing machine to pack small packets of liquids, powders and granulated products. Pacwel has a full layout of enrobing line including centre making, cutting, cooling tunnels and their packing machines.

In addition, they have fully automatic and semi-automatic chocolate depositing layouts, (including mixers) temperers, shakers, cooling tunnels and packing machines and positive displacement SS Lobe and Paul pumps. Also included are other food processing machines like microfilm cookers, beaters and mixers.


Pacwel’s packing, candy wrapping and other equipments are of robust construction and are free of down time and require only routine maintenance.


All types of packing and wrapping machines have photocells with a provision of changing pack / product sizes. Presently, Pacwel Equipments has expanded its manufacturing facility by installing a 10 fold bigger factory at Lonavla, 100 Kms. from Bombay.