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PEKA Stanz- und Klebetechnik GmbH & Co. KG

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PEKA masker crepe flat masking tape

PEKA masker crepe flat masking tape

Item Description

PEKA-Masker Krepp is a combination of fine masking tape with a fold-out cover film. The crepe tape with foil has good adhesion, is water-repellent and does not leave any residue on the surfaces after work. The masking mask adheres immediately to the surface to be protected because the film nestles itself against it. The period of use is a maximum of 3 weeks.

scope of application

PEKA-Masker Krepp is ideal for quick masking and covering of a wide variety of substrates. The cover mask protects large areas such as B. Walls, furniture, radiators, doors and windows from dirt and paint splashes. PEKA-Masker Crepe has increased tear resistance and good adhesion and thus prevents the color from being undermined. The masking tape is ideally suited for short-term indoor use.

Carrier material

Paper: Flat-crimped paper | Foil: 100% HDPE (polyethylene)

Pressure sensitive adhesive


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