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PEKA-proTECT 6450

PEKA-proTECT 6450

Item Description

PEKA-proTECT 6450 is a universal covering and surface protection material based on robust, tear-resistant kraft paper and a special pressure-sensitive adhesive that is extremely gentle on the substrate.

scope of application

PEKA-proTECT 6450 is ideally suited for the easy and efficient creation - even of large areas - cover and protective adhesives for renovation work, in the DIY environment or for the area of ‚Äč‚Äčtransport protection. Due to the ease with which it can be unrolled and the suppleness, the product can also be used for large-area covers, e.g. B. from window sills, radiators, handrails, furniture, etc. perform. The special adhesive, which is particularly gentle on the surface, allows it to be used on highly sensitive surfaces, such as B. on paper wallpaper, veneers, sensitive wooden surfaces or poorly adhering varnishes or paints.

Carrier material

Kraft paper natural brown

Pressure sensitive adhesive

Special acrylate, water-based, solvent-free

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