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Romaco Holding GmbH

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Aseptic liquid filling solution

Aseptic liquid filling solution

Romaco solutions for the sterile filling of liquids

The Romaco solutions for sterile liquid filling comply with the high standards of the GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices). The systems for the filling of injection and infusion solutions are particularly suitable for medical and veterinary applications. Depending on customer wishes, the sterile liquid filling machines can be configured with selected upstream and downstream systems to integrated solutions.

Advantages of the Romaco solutions:

  • High barrier protection
  • Efficient and reliable
  • Easy to operate

Washing the bottles

  • Internal and external cleaning of the glass bottles
  • Format part free processing of cylindrical containers with different dimensions
  • Use of special nozzles
  • Complete washing cycle with nine stations

Sterilising the bottles

  • Depyrogenation of glass bottles and ampoules
  • Transfer of the bottles through a heating and a cooling chamber
  • Heating up to 340°C possible
  • Continuous temperature and pressure monitoring

Filling into bottles

  • Filling of sterile pharmaceutical liquids
  • Suitable for glass bottles
  • Handling of containers with a diameter of 14 - 68mm and a height of 35 - 200mm possible
  • Variable filling capacities of 0.5 - 250ml

Closing the bottles

  • The closing station is either integrated into the liquid filling machine or available as a line component
  • Standard closure with pressure pin
  • Special closures for subsequent freeze drying

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