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Cartoning Solution

Cartoning Solution

Romaco Cartoning solutions – the all-rounders

The flexible cartoning - and tertiary packaging solutions from Romaco Prometric are suited for the packing of pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, food stuffs, nutraceuticals, healthcare, medical and industrial products as well as for chemical products. The horizontal and vertical cartoners, stretch banders and case packers can be combined in modular lines and adapted to any customer requirements.


  • Multi-purpose use
  • Ergonomic set-up
  • Easy operation 
  • Individual level of automation
  • Number of units/packaging nearly unlimited 
  • Available as single machines or as complete line with various primary packaging solutions

The solutions include modules for…

Packaging of products in folded boxes

  • Blister and strip packaging
  • Bottles, flasks and ampullae
  • Tubes
  • Sachets and Stick packs
  • Package inserts and inlays
  • Medical products

Packaging in folded boxes

  • Various designs and materials 
  • Handling of various box formats
  • Press locks and glue locks as well as various proofs of originality 
  • Coding with Inkjet, color stamping, laser engraving or vignette

Bundling of folded boxes

  • End packaging solution for all types of folded boxes
  • Stretch- or shrinkage bundling

Packaging of folded boxes in dispatch boxes

  • Supply and packing of single or bundles folded boxes
  • Close with adhesive tape or hot glue

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