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Granulating ,Coating and drying Small Particles solution

Granulating ,Coating and drying Small Particles solution

Granulating and Coating and drying solution Small Particles

Solutions for Drying, Granulating and Coating Small Particles

All Romaco Innojet solutions for drying, granulation and coating small particles are based on the air flow bed technology originally developed and internationally patented by Dr. h.c. Herbert Hüttlin. This method optimises the fluidisation of solid particles and creates flow conditions that enable extremely gentle intermixing of the product. The air flow bed technology provides significant benefits for our customers compared to granulation and coating systems based on a conventional fluidised bed.

The Romaco Innojet VENTILUS® LE series is intelligently complimented with the Innojet Mixer Granulator (IMG) for closed materials handling; a multipurpose solids processing plant with batch sizes from 100 to 1,000 liters. This technology is a compact, smart, controlled, complete solution for the pharmaceutical, food and chemical industries.

Characteristics of the Air Flow Bed Technology

  • Gentle product flow owing to the orbital, and hence controlled, flow of process air
  • Particles float freely without any friction because the product hovers, resulting in rapid, and above all even, coating with the material
  • Shorter processing times combined with excellent, reproducible product quality


  • Drying, granulation and coating combined in a single batch process (3-in-1)
  • Multilayer coating: seamless sequence of individual spraying steps
  • Higher productivity compared to conventional, conical product containers owing to the cylindrical container geometry
  • Efficient intermixing of the product with the innovative spraying system
  • Large product surface facilitates the application of liquid coating or adhesive medium
  • Cost efficient solution because spray loss is reduced to a minimum
  • Reliable processing even of highly friable products
  • Efficient coating of complex geometries as well as products and particles with a hollow structure
  • Uniform flow conditions in the container owing to the cylindrical design
  • Scalable spray rate because there is only one, central nozzle
  • Nozzle designed with a spraying gap: the gap length can be varied proportionally but the geometry remains constant
  • Stable droplet sizes regardless of the spray volume

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