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SMI compact systems from ECOBLOC® range integrate in a single block the functions of a rotary stretch-blow moulder, a rotary electronic filler and a rotary capper.
These solutions are ideal for producing, filling and capping containers in PET, PEN and PP with different capacities and shapes, from the simplest to the most innovative and complex.

ECOBLOC® range can be used in several sectors: flat and carbonated water, fresh milk, juices, edible oil, vinegar, CSD and detergents. Main advantages:


Compact solution

The integration of stretch-blow moulding, filling and capping functions into a single machine allows to considerably reduce costs, as well as the space occupied by the solution, since the rinser and conveyors between the stretch-blow moulder and the filler are not needed. This also leads to reduce contamination risks and to reach a higher hygiene level.

Rotary stretch-blow moulding system

High-efficiency rotary stretch-blow moulding system equipped with motorized stretch rods, whose functioning, controlled electronically, does not need mechanical cams. This allows a precise management of the rod path and an accurate control of its position, as well as a significant energy saving.

Reduction of blowing times

The carousel blowing process has been reduced, thus making the stretch-blow moulder more efficient by 17 %. With 0.5 L bottles a single mould can produce up to 2,300 bph.

Maximum filling precision

The filling process is extremely precise, thanks to the use of the flow meter, an electronic device installed near each valve that detects the flow of the product that fills each bottle by counting the pulses and sends the filling valve the closure sign, once the value of the format in use is reached.

Workability of a wide range of products

A wide range of products can be filled thanks to the valve terminal that is changed according to the type of product.


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