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SMI designs and manufactures a wide range of fully automatic machines for the secondary packaging of rigid containers such as plastic and glass bottles, jars, cans, cardboard cartons and many others.

  • stretch film packers
  • film shrink wrappers
  • tray packers
  • pick & place case packers
  • wrap-around case packers
  • combined packers
  • cardboard multipack sleevers.

Within the secondary packaging, SMI offers several solutions that enable to combine the need of an efficient production with that of environmental protection. The models available provide performances from 30 to 450 packs/minute (in triple lane), depending on the model chosen and on the type of product to pack.

According to the type of product to be packed and to the reference sector, customer can choose the most appropriate shrink wrapper among a wide range of automatic shrink wrapping machines for the secondary packaging in stretch film or in recyclable shrink film or among the packers that use corrugated, kraft or Arcwise® cardboard. All automatic packers produced by SMI are inspired by Industry 4.0 and Internet of Things (IoT) principles and ensure cost and energy saving, environmental sustainability and increase in competitiveness.

Automatic packers for every need

The use of plastics does not stop growing and the companies that produce consumer goods are increasingly opting for rPET containers and have been investing for making their plants more sustainable. Within the bottled drink and water industry, packs in shrink film are still the most used type of pack: an economic packaging solution for creating practical, easy-to-handle and resistant packs.

SMI shrink wrappers meet these needs and undergo continuous hi-tech improvements, in order to ensure greater production efficiency and energy saving in production plants. Furthermore, in line with the green innovative vision, SMI offers the SFP 30 ERGON stretch film packer that perfectly combines the need of plastics reduction with that of energy saving in packaging plants. SFP packers use the stretch film instead of the shrink film for packing loose products, ensuring great energy saving, thanks to the absence of shrink tunnel equipped with electric resistances; less use of packaging material, as a 10 micron wide stretch film is used for the packaging; stable and resistant packs, thanks to the wrapping in film in a criss-cross pattern around the group of containers to be packed and reduces energy consumption thanks to motors equipped with built-in servo-drives.

Packaging plays a key role in directing the buyers' choices towards packs characterized by captivating graphics, practical use and product protection. Some sectors, such as wine, alcoholic, beer or niche product industries prefer the packaging in cardboard boxes, that, despite a higher material cost, ensure a rigid pack, capable of protecting the bottles from damage during the transport.

SMI packers are equipped with cutting-edge solutions, feature a great quality-price ratio and can be used in compliance with the most advanced eco-sustainable principles. The range includes wrap-around case packers and case packers suitable for packing American cardboard boxes (RSC) with a pick & place system. The packaging system in boxes or cardboard blanks guarantees a smooth production process, that preserves the product integrity and quality.

Solutions for Arcwise® cardboard boxes

By combining Arcwise® technology with the overlapping cardboard sleeve packers by SMI, food & beverage manufacturers can create a wide range of packs in carton with captivating graphics in order to stand out from the shelves in the points of sale.  The case packers from the WP ERGON series and the overlapping cardboard sleeve packers from the MP ERGON series manufactured by SMI can use the traditional corrugated cardboard or Arcwise® special cardboard, designed by the Swedish company SCA Forest Products, that uses raw materials entirely derived from renewable sources, thus allowing companies that opt for it to improve the eco-compatibility standards of their production.

This material has the advantage of being able to be folded more easily compared to the corrugated cardboard, thus easily acquiring the rounded shape of the product around which it is wrapped in the packaging phase. Such ductility enables to use the box surface as an excellent advertising vehicle, as the graphic appearance of the pack is uniform and continuous, without the unaesthetic interruptions that in all other boxes are due to the right angles.

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