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Stretch Blow Molding Machine

Stretch Blow Molding Machine

Stretch-blow moulding solutions: a flexible approach to the customer’s needs.

Regardless of whether the beverages are carbonated or still liquids, whether the bottles are simple or most sophisticated design, SMI meets any individual requirements and ensures high performances in the stretch-blow moulding of PET, PEN and PP bottles.

EBS ERGON blow-moulders: the latest innovation by SMI for the production of PET containers up to 36.800 bph

The new EBS (Electronic Blowing System) ERGON series is the outcome of a 2-year intensive R&D project thanks to which SMI has introduced innovative concepts, summed up in the new ERGON brand, for both the design and production of SMI's rotary stretch-blow moulders. The first EBS ERGON was rolled out last October to SMI sales network on the occasion of the opening of the new showroom at SMI headquarters located in San Giovanni Bianco (Bergamo).

SMI stretch-blow moulders are available both stand-alone (EBS series) and integrated into complete stretch-blow moulding, filling and capping systems (ECOBLOC® ERGON series).

More in details, the range of SMI blowers includes:

  •  7 EBS ERGON models, from 4 to 16 cavities, ideal for the production of PET bottles with a maximum output of 2,300 bph/cavity*;
  •   3 EBS K ERGON models, from 2 to 4 cavities, ideal for the production of PET bottles with a maximum output of 2,300 bph/cavity*;
  •  3 EBS HC (High Capacity) ERGON models, from 3 to 6 cavities, specifically designed for the production of PET high-capacity containers with a maximum output of 1,200 bph/cavity*.

* according to the selected machine model and to the type of container

Top-notch reliability and efficiency. Why to choose SMI EBS stretch-blow moulder.

  • The new EBS ERGON blow-moulder is more robust, more compact, more flexible, more efficient if compared to the previous range thanks to a series of cutting-edge technical innovations:
  • compact, ergonomic and functional frame, capable to considerably simplify its running, cleaning and maintenance operations and to ensure significant space saving in the bottling line
  • New preform heating module, characterized by compact dimensions, horizontal frame of the preform-holding mandrel chains (37 mm pitch for the production of bottles up to 3 L) and an optimized ventilation system. The new heating module is equipped with heat-reflecting, high energy efficiency panels made of composite materials positioned both on the front and to the rear of the heat lamps in charge of preforms heating. It ensures a high reflection of the heat generated by the lamps and its more uniform distribution on the preforms surface.
  • Blow-moulding module equipped with motorized stretching rods whose functioning is controlled by electronic drives with no need of mechanical cams. This new technology enables a precise descent of the stretching rod, an accurate control of its position, remarkable energy savings along with a reduced stress generated by the vibrations of mechanical components. Moreover, this new technology enables to adjust the stretch-blowing speed without mechanical interventions (cams replacement)
  • High performance, low dead volume valves system which has reduced the pre-blowing and blowing times with the subsequent great advantage in terms of machine's efficiency and quality of the final bottles
  • Automation and control by Motornet System®, which ensures the constant keeping of optimal working parameters during the whole production cycle and directly adjusts the machine's settings, simplifying format changeovers


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