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Digital Printing

Digital Printing

Digital Printing is specially designed for short runs. It is the perfect option for introducing a new product into the market as it mean changes can made quickly and easily, with a lower model cost. As you no doubt are aware, this is commonplace when launching a new product. Digital printing also allows you to save by combining several models in a single run.

The digital printing is also notable for high quality print, similar to rotogravure printing.

HP MOSAIC MOSAIC for personalising images, text and colours, allows you to create unlimited variations on your design, maximising its impact on the shelf. More than 10,000 different designs are possible. It is perfect for use with limited, or special, editions, as the digital printer specialises in short runs. The striking designs resulting from this software will certainly catch the eye of consumers, who will be compelled to collect all the different designs. And best of all, there are no additional costs.

Digital printing is also environmentally friendly.


- The inks are not diluted in solvent meaning, as with offset printing, no solvent is released into the atmosphere.

- Digital printing does not use printing plates; a file is sent directly to the machine and this reproduces the image on the material. This means there is no pollution from producing the plates.

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