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Offset Printing

Offset Printing

What are the advantages for you?

 Excellent visual quality on both paper and plastic film.

 Well-defined typography, good blending and a quality similar to rotogravure printing.

 Greater colour opacity and incredible definition.

 Perfect for short and medium runs, in products with a high design rotation.

 Agile and rapid response time when there is a change of design.

 No spending on cylinders

 Joint runs, subject to a pre-print evaluation, with a response time of approximately one working day.

Which formats can it be used with?

The offset printing technique is best adapted to top film, for example, for cheese, fish, pre-prepared fruit and vegetable products, ready meals, processed meat products, etc.

The offset printer is environmentally friendly.


 The offset printer uses solvent-free ink drying technology. As the ink does not contain solvents, nothing evaporates, which is good news for the ozone layer.

 The inks use an EB (Electron Beam) curing process, which provides instant drying and hard setting.

 The energy consumption is very low.

 The ink is used more efficiently. Up to 70% less ink is used in comparison to conventional inks.

 The printing plates, manufactured by us on aluminium laminates, are100% recyclable.

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