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Aroma preservation bags

Aroma preservation bags

Aroma preservation bags

  • Aromaschutzverpackungen mit der Frischegarantie

  • Guaranteed to keep coffee beans fresh

  • Seal in aromas

  • Protect against ultraviolet light

  • Made in Germany

The magnificent aroma of coffee

As coffee lovers the world over know, one of the most important things about coffee is the aroma of the coffee beans. And so when it comes to enjoying a good cup of coffee, it’s extremely important that this aroma be preserved by quality packaging. In creating such packaging for our customers, we carefully consider all aspects of the production process – and of course carry out systematic quality controls to ensure that each and every bag meets our exacting quality standards. All of the outer edges of our aroma preservation bags are sealed. The front and back sides of the bags exhibit a clear form, are robust, and can be labeled on either side.

Bag shapes and sizes to your precise specifications

We see to it that you obtain the perfect aroma preservation bag for your coffee beans. For example, exactly the right bag for POS displays, as well as for cafes and restaurants, in the guise of 3, 5 or 10 kilogram bags.

Distinctive aroma preservation bags

We partner with German printing companies to ensure that your aroma preservation bags are imprinted to your exact specifications and look simply splendid. Our partners use a printing method (flexoprinting) that is ideal for food packaging, and all inks are tested to ensure that they are safe for use in such packaging.

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