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ESD films

ESD films

ESD films

  • Provide top notch protection for sensitive components

  • Also provide protection outside of electrostatic

  • protected areas (EPAs)

  • Provide smooth potential equalization

  • EN/IEC 61340-5-1 conformant

Imagine, if you will...

... that on getting out of your car you touch the door handle and get an electric shock. An expert will tell you that this process allows for potential equalization.

But now imagine that this static electric charge occurs in auto airbag controllers whose function is to trigger the airbags in case of a collision. Such a charge would prevent the airbags from being released, since the controllers would malfunction. Needless to say, such a scenario should be prevented at all costs – which means that sensitive components such as auto airbag controllers need to be packaged securely.

Our ESDS/ESD packaging is the ideal solution for smooth potential equalization. And although electrostatic build-ups still occur, the right protection can ward off any untoward effects on the packaged products.

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