Ströbel GmbH

Ströbel GmbH

Mühlsteig 31-33.D-90579 Langenzenn

AboutStröbel GmbH


Customized bags, covers & liners from high quality foils & accessories

Packaging for axles for trains, car parts, chip cards, revolving door-elements, printers, EC cards, spices, hops, coffee, grand pianos, kitchen appliances, printed circuit boards, machines, motor blocks, measuring instruments, metal parts, electronics, powder, switch cabinets, screws, controls, tablets, tools to tongs.


Our products are not off-the-shelf, anonymous, mass produced packaging! Our solutions are tailored to YOUR requirements! No two assignments are the same

After more than 40 years of continuous growth - from a 2 man company to a medium-sized enterprise -one can probably speak of a success story:

1978 - at home, in the living room - that's when it all began... Gerlinde and Gerhard Ströbel had a vision, a lot of courage and the necessary discipline to build up a future-oriented company. Even back then, their secret of success: team spirit, passion, and flexibility. Gerhard Ströbel, on the move in several roles every day: from businessman in a suit, advising customers, in negotiations with suppliers to in the evening: wearing work clothes, packing and shipping goods. Gerlinde Ströbel, the family and office manager always at his side. From these beginnings, the customer base grew year after year, then the number of the same time we steadily increased our machinery, office and warehouse space.

Today we produce with more than 50 employees and powerful production lines in Langenzenn (Bavaria) Packaging made of polyethylene and composite films.

Today headed by son Rainer Ströbel, who "lives on the spirit of his parents"....