X-Rite PantoneLIVE

X-Rite PantoneLIVE



Sun Chemical’s patented SmartColour® technology and color databases are a key foundation of the new PantoneLIVE™ solution. The universal appeal of the Pantone® and X-Rite® brands, coupled with these SmartColour and IP underpinnings, are the leading reasons why Sun Chemical now fully endorses PantoneLIVE™ for the packaging market. Moving forward, Sun Chemical is retiring its SmartColour brand from the market. Sun Chemical will continue to be a major contributor to the initiative and is now XRite/Pantone’s ‘exclusive preferred ink supply partner’ for PantoneLIVE 


While existing users of any ink will be able to take advantage of the system, the implementation of PantoneLIVE in the pressroom will be easier and faster with Sun Chemical inks, because the color data behind PantoneLIVE are based on Sun Chemical ink formulations and are already shared efficiently within the Sun Chemical network.

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