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Aluminium barrier Film

Aluminium barrier Film

Aluminium barrier Film is the perfect way to package any type of goods protecting them, for a long time, from any kind of weather conditions and keeping them safe from rust.

Sicurpack 86 guarantees both a high impermeability to light, water, oxygen and a high malleability, allowing you to make vacuum. Sicurpack 86 follows MIL/TL regulations.

Sicurpack 86 is our 3 layer aluminium barrier film composed by:

  • 12 µm PET;

  • 9 µM Aluminium foil ;

  • 90 µm Black HDPE.

Available in:

  • Rolls of height up to 160 cm, we can produce also folded rolls up to 320 cm

  • Sheets and bags of any size





c.a. 125g/m²

EN 22286

Tensile strength

MD 67 N/15 mmCD 64 N/15 mm

ISO 527


MD 51%CD 47&

ISO 527

Welding temperature

160°C - 200°C


Sealing breaking strength

56 N/15 mm a 180°C


Water Vapour Permeability

0,05 g/m²/second DIN 53122


Oxygen Permeability



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