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Insulating covers

Insulating covers

Insulating covers are designed to keep the right temperature inside your packaging. Depending on necessities we can supply different materials which are suitable for every



AL type is a strong / waterproof material and it is used for every type of packaging.

The outer layer (PET + LDPE) create a good reflection and excellent resistance to abrasion,

the inner layer (RAFIA PLT + aluminium) guarantees a perfect moisture protection.


P type is the best insulating covers.

It is composed of seven alternating layers:

– metallic PET + PE (4 sheets) separated 3 insulated rooms and reflect heat;

– PLT (2 sheets) are the first barrier;

– PES reduces heat inside the packaging.

This film creates a perfect isolation from inside to outside.


A type is the best product that you can use during outside storage as its composition ensures the best isolating properties for long time also under harsh weather conditions as it is composed by a reflective PET surface and glass network laminated with hot processed PLT (waterproof).

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