E-PRESS Rotogravure Printing

E-PRESS Rotogravure Printing

Rotogravure Printing Press Type "E-PRESS"


The E-PRESS along with the Q-Press and M/H-Press belong to Uteco's new generation of electric line shaft presses. The E-Press is the classic rotogravure printing press equipped with interchangeable trolleys to perform job changes. Its conventional modular design solutions ensure allow an affordable price level. This press can be considered an entry level press for converters who want to enter rotogravure market without a significant investment.


Main features:


  • simple job change trolleys
  • simple, manually positioned, doctor blade group
  • electric shaft transmission
  • single (1,6 - 2 m)  and double (3,2 - 4 m) drying hoods
  • Ventilation with general air recirculation system with individual supply fan and exhaust fans for the entire press (equipped with inverter and feed-back control).
  • SmartPack: This software suite increases rotogravure printing performance for short to medium runs via automatic software that runs, processes, supervises, and monitors the diagnostic of the entire production cycle.




  • Web width 520 mm -20 1/2"
  • Print width 500 mm -20”
  • Repeat range 407 -720 mm -16" -28 1/3”
  • Variable in steps of : 1/6” (mm sizes on request)
  • Max unwind diameter 1.270 mm -50"
  • Max rewind diameter 1.300mm -50-1/6”
  • Printing units up to 10
  • Max printing speed 300 m/min -900 ft/min
  • Max printing speed (optional) 400 m/min -1200 ft/min
  • Material range 14-300 micron

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