Waltcher GMBH

Waltcher GMBH

Kölner Str.548, 47807 Krefeld, Germany

Waltcher MMC-400

Waltcher MMC-400

Using for protein, cereal, granola, muesli or differend seeds mixes, coconut chips or wafer crumbs with sugar syrup, white or black chocolate.

Design features:

— Fully automatic control through the servo system.

— Suitable for small capacity.

— Multi partial pressure system.

— In-built special devices for inside heating and mixing of the mass and unloading of formed products.

— An integrated conveyor system.

— Folding cantilever type transporter.

— Standard equipment for cereal mass.

— Accurate speed control.


— Compact: it takes up to 2 square meters.

— Forming of different shapes of product — bar, ball, round, square, star etc.

— Forming without cutting — without scrap and waste

— Cereals are not damaged

— High speed forming on the tape.

— Minimum resetting time

— Quick and easy cleaning

— Touch screen panel

— Quick change of the forming set

— Roll forming system is designed specifically for cereal.

— Custom-made rotor

— All parts having contact with the product are made from food-grade structural plastic and stainless steel

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