Waltcher GMBH

Waltcher GMBH

Kölner Str.548, 47807 Krefeld, Germany

Automatic forming machine for fruit pastes

Automatic forming machine for fruit pastes

Using for fruit pastes, marzipan, soft krokant, fudge (fondant).

Design features:

— Fully automatic.

— Top table type model.

— Suitable for small capacity.

— Stainless steel, aluminum and special ultraplastic.

— An integrated conveyor system.

— Folding cantilever type transporter.

— Accurate speed control.


— Compact: it takes up to 0.8 square meters.

— Forming of different shapes of product with flat bottom — bar, round, square, star etc.

— Forming without cutting — without scrap and waste

— High speed forming on the tape.

— Minimum resetting time

— Quick and easy cleaning

— Quick change of the forming set

— Custom-made forming rotor

— All parts having contact with the product are made from food-grade structural plastic and stainless steel

Working width: 200 mm .

Forming roller diameter: 200 mm .

Drive power: 1 kW

Electricity: 230/400 V, 50Hz, 3 phase

Forming speed on belt: 1 — 10 m / min

Weight: 80 kgs.


Compressed air: 5 — 6 bar

Air consumption: appr. 2 litres / min

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