Waltcher GMBH

Waltcher GMBH

Kölner Str.548, 47807 Krefeld, Germany

Ultrasonic Cutting machine for food Waltcher

Ultrasonic Cutting machine for food Waltcher

Design features:

— Fully automatic control through the servo system.

— Floor type model.

— Suitable for medium and big capacity.

— Stainless steel.

— In-built special cleaning devices for knife.

— PLC panel.

— Accurate speed control.

Key Features

• Use excellent ultrasonic technology to ensure cutting quality

• Precise automated mechanical control of the structure to achieve the least amount of waste and maximum production

• Hygienic, without regular maintenance, easy to clean

• Can be integrated into existing production lines and can be used independently

• The cutting mode can be shoosed arbitrarily


• Rectangular foods: rectangular cakes, marshmallow, Turkish fudge, nougat etc.

• Round food: round cake, pizza, pie, cheese etc.



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