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Netpak Packaging Announces Major Investment In Montreal Plant

Netpak Packaging Announces Major Investment In Montreal Plant



Netpak Packaging Announces Major Investment In Montreal Plant




Netpak Packaging

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Netpak Packaging, a leading Canadian packaging printer based in Montreal (Quebec, Canada) is announcing a multi-million dollar investment in its Montreal plant.

In order to support its growth and better serve its partners, Netpak is investing massively in new equipment on its production line. Netpak’s focus is on automation, high quality standard, increased productivity and speed though state of the art technology

Netpak has acquired two palletizing robots. The installation of these two automatic palletizers with robot will improve the working conditions and the safety of its employees. Robotization will increase production flexibility and maximize productivity and efficiency. Finally, these two robots, will improve the quality of finished products on the pallet, optimize the workspace and reduce operating costs.

Netpak also installed a fully automatic waste paper baler machine with convery. This investment will increase the productivity of its 3 diecutters and eliminate the two old cardboard compactors

Finally, Netpak has equipped its five folder-gluers with glue detection systems from Baumer hhs (Xtend3) system These detectors will reject the unglued boxes and in the end make sure to offer boxes with the highest quality standards.

The packaging converting sector is in a consolidation phase and its domination by large multinational companies leads to longer lead times. Netpak’s co-founders and co-owners, Carlo Cammalleri and Salvatore Novello, are investing to increase productivity, enhance quality and reduce lead time. This will reinforce its position as a leader and innovator in the printing and packaging industry.

“Our clients are presently in very competitive market, where short runs, fast turnover and flexibility are a key competitive advantage. With this investment, Netpak is proud to support their needs and help them achieve their business goals”, Carlo Cammalleri said.

Salvatore Novello added “Netpak has become a strategic partner to successful brands by aligning its investments priorities with the requirements of the markets they serve.”

Thanks to the its highly qualified employees, state-of- the-art technology and innovative practices, Netpak is positioning its Montreal plant as one of the most modern packaging converting facilities in North America.