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We believe that a small brand with passionate leadership and a great idea can be a powerful force. Apex White Label is here to support those businesses, from CBD to sport specific products, we can help your brand deliver new product ranges utilising a mixture of in house and contract packing support. We provide you support for entering the retail market, giving you all the tools you need to see an idea from the initial concept to a customers basket.

We’ve been where you are, starting with new ideas and difficult questions to answer, it’s a daunting prospect, but not one that needs to trouble you and your business.

Our leadership team have worked with some of the largest health and wellness retailers in the UK & EU, delivering unique products into otherwise untested marketplaces with great success. With a strong background in product manufacturing and commercial business development, Apex are well situated to help bring new products to the marketplace and establish them in large scale retailers and e-commerce platforms. If you would like to talk with one of the team about partnering with Apex for your project or if you’d like to book some consulting time, please contact us.