Arka Inc

Arka Inc

15 Glenside Way San Rafael, CA 94903

AboutArka Inc

We’re brand experience experts with over a decade in the packaging industry

We’ve helped over 2,000 clients in 950 cities worldwide upgrade
their unboxing experiences and wow their customers!

What’s important to us

Enchacing your brand experience

We’ve worked with over 2,000 entreprenuers, small business and makers of all sizes to understand what matters most to their unboxing experience: low minimums, premium materials, quick turnaround, self service tools and the flexibliity to scale orders

Great customer relationships

We’ve partnered with over 40 platforms, logistics and agencies to help our customers thrive, and provide a dedicated customer service rep to every account to help answer questions and provide updates.

 Sustainable materials & processes

We’re an end-to-end sustainable operation, from the materials we offer to the ways we print and ship to the way we source energy and water in our facilities. And everything is made locally in the USA.

Thought leadership & domain expertise

We’re constantly learning and improving our expertise in the packaging space and regularly pass that along to our customers via our blog, webinars and virtual workshops.