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Balcan Plastics Ltd

9340 meaux Street Saint Leonard, QC H1R 3H2 Canada

AboutBalcan Plastics Ltd

Balcan Plastics First Film Extruding perfectly illustrates the truism that innovation plays a crucial role in achieving success.

Starting out quite modestly during Expo year, 1967, with a single machine set up, the Montreal Company has since grown to become the largest independent manufacturer of plastic film in Canada, and one of the largest in North America.

A first move took Balcan Plastics to a 20,000 square foot facility. The company then moved to another location, Four times larger. Over the years that plant has been expanded, and today Balcan plastics manufacturing capacity spread on over 500,000square feet distributed across three manufacturing sites.

Balcan Plastics was the first plastic film plant in Canada to produce bags for fruits and vegetables, as well as garment bags for dry cleaners and clothing manufacturers, all of which had previously been imported. In the 1970s the company opened up another new market by developing a shrink wrap for furniture to replace cardboard packaging.

This achievement was all the more remarkable in that it was necessary to convince client to invest in the special equipment required to use this wrap.Subsequently, Balcan introduced a similar product for use in shrink wrapping boats. Balcan was also the first in Canada to introduce a new, stronger kind of Polyethylene film in the early 1980s. This required major investment in converting and adapting existing machines and purchasing specially made equipment sourced around the world, as well as developing new technology to produce this new generation film. However, our philosophy is “we create, others follow”.Thanks to this ongoing investment program, Balcan Plastics has long had the most modern plants in North America.

In our expansion, we have set up one of the largest blown film extruders in Canada. Innovation is a byword for this privately owned company, whose management kept a close eye on new ideas and new machines around the world, attending international fairs and conferences, Research and development, supported by a highly sophisticated laboratory, is a top priority, but it does not stop at the lab.At Balcan Plastics, everything is based on the client, with more than 50 percent of products custom-made. Our staff members work closely with clients and take real interest in their operations to see exactly what equipment they use now, precisely how they intend to use the product they are ordering, and what they are likely to use in the future.Operating from our head office in Montreal as well as sales offices all across Canada and the US, a large, well trained sales force look after client contact.

Quality control is another top priority and is followed by both in the lab and during production. As reflected in our slogan “Quality Plastic Film and Bags Made Easy”, our employees take great pride in their contribution and feel a strong sense of identification with their company. This outlook is one of the reasons our employees give the care and attention necessary to measure up to such exacting standards as required in different industries (automotive, food, construction, etc…)From retail bags to bags on rolls, and from industrial films to construction and agricultural films, as well as custom packaging products,

Balcan Plastics offers the largest range of products on the market, successfully competing with both national companies and more specialized local firms.It is fair to say that the leadership of Balcan Plastics in the marketplace rests largely on its innovative spirit and dynamic management.