BL Mediterraneo SRL

BL Mediterraneo SRL

Via Ronchi Inferiore 30/b 40061 Minerbio (BO) Italy

AboutBL Mediterraneo SRL

BL has always been a leader in the Form, Fill and Seal sector.

Since 1980 the Company manufactures automatic packaging machines that bag all types of products with innovative solutions. As a result - during the last 40 years - the Company has constantly grown

1980, December

BL is founded in the heart of the Packaging Valley, introducing its first FFS, Form, Fill & Seal machines on the market. The APTA series became one of the first FFS machinery manufactured in Italy


The COMPACTA series, with tubular film, is the new technological improvement. This lead to a total redesign the concept of traditional packaging by adopting the pendulum bags transportation system


BL's own designed weighing systems starts being manufactured


The CONCEPT scale is developed, it's the first revolutionary patented servo-driven net weighing system on the market


The palletizer division is established, to improve customer support by supplying complete bagging line solutions


The engineering division is established, to fulfill requirements coming from EPC contractors


CAM, historical worldwide leader in packaging systems, acquires BL to diversify its market. The new ownership leads BL to a large scale, standardized industrial production


Thanks to CAM synergy, a new range of palletizers suitable for boxes, bins, bundles and tailored solutions are developed


Robots palletizers increase BL's portfolio


BL's Open Mouth solutions is introduced


Fully automatic big bag (FIBC) filling machine with bags on reel are now available


40 years of experience later, BL ensures prompt responses to its partner's requests, either being End Users, OEM Distributors or System Integrators, each one with its own specific exigences and target to achieve. BL is the primary partner supplier of the most respected engineering companies