Dan Palletiser A / S

Dan Palletiser A / S

Industrivej 12 4241 Vemmelev

AboutDan Palletiser A / S

For decades, we have proudly delivered solutions based on solid and well-executed craftsmanship of high quality - all this is represented in our name and logo.

A long tradition of first-class and professional craftsmanship ensures our customers good and proven solutions, which have been developed with a focus on high efficiency and simple maintenance.

Strong management and strong corporate culture

Our ambition is to be the world's leading supplier of palletizing systems - from idea to reality.

Dan Palletiser's technical staff together have more than 200 years of experience in the development and maintenance of our core area - palletizing solutions. All this, together with the right employees, with the right skills and the right attitude, forms the basis for us to develop our product range based on good craftsmanship.

We focus on meeting customers' individual requirements for palletizing and other internal transport equipment to achieve an optimal solution - regardless of the challenges we face with our customer.

The challenges, and thus the demand for palletizing solutions, may be due to a desire to minimize production costs and ensure increased production capacity.

There may also be requirements for high volume production, a desire for better logistics and efficiency or e.g. changes in order to comply with specific rules within occupational health and safety legislation.

From Idea to Reality

In practice, this means that we use our many years of experience to ensure our customers the most optimal palletizing solutions.

Our professional staff converts great ideas into real layouts. Once the customer has approved the proposal, a production order is prepared.

After this, qualified technicians and project managers take care of managing the order through the various production processes, just as they ensure that the order is delivered and installed at the customer's at the agreed time.

Before delivery, the solution is tested here in our factory, where the customer is also present.