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Federal Package

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AboutFederal Package

The Preferred Contract Manufacturer for Personal Care Companies

For more than 40 years, Federal Package® has been the preferred contract manufacturer for many of the leading personal care companies. Due to our extensive capabilities and dedication to quality products and services, Federal Package has become the go-to source for companies in the health, beauty and personal care industries searching for all aspects of contract manufacturing including research and development; formulation; blending and filling; decorating and ; and health and beauty containers.

As a key solutions provider to many of the world’s top beauty brands, Federal Package boasts numerous differentiators and milestones worth noting:

• Our modern FDA-registered laboratory and production facility ensure a quality product to support your brand’s image.

• We are an organic-certified manufacturer.

• We collaborate with your team to jointly develop innovative solutions focused on high quality and speed-to-market.

• We are experts at controlling the process and costs, from creating a formula through retail-ready packaging.

• We offer a wide range of decorating options. Our decorating capabilities include extended copy labels, direct and screen print to highlight your brand’s message.

• Our innovative approach led us to become the first company in the industry to utilize polypropylene, not previously considered for propel-repel.

• Our revolutionary one-hand “collar-style” container was the first functional change for propel-repel packages in more than 40 years.