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Since 2015, Hema has been a part of the Pneumatic Scale Angelus packaging division of the reputable and International BW Group. Pneumatic Scale Angelus holds a major position on the market for the manufacturing of filling, capping, seaming, labeling and centrifuge machines and spare parts for the pharmaceutical industry and also body care products, food, drinks, conserves and household products, around the world.

Barry-Wehmiller is a global supplier of engineering solutions and the manufacturing of packaging, cardboard, metal and paper. By combining human-based management with stringent operational strategy and growth prospects, Barry-Wehmiller has become a company with 2.3 billion dollars of assets, employing 12 000 people who are driven by a common belief: to get the best from the company’s strength to build a better world.

Our Values and Vision

“We measure success by the way we touch the lives of people.”

Mixing human-centred management with methodological operational strategy and objective-driven growth, the team members are united by the common belief that thanks to the power of business, a better world can be built. We measure our success by the way we improve people’s lives.