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Hippo Premium Packaging

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AboutHippo Premium Packaging

The Hippo team has decades of experience and has worked with some of the biggest brands in the world. We help cannabis and CBD companies create powerful brands with beautiful packaging that stands out, sells more products, and enhances customer loyalty.

As experts in production, we handle printing and quality control for all types of packaging. Hippo also has an extensive network of national and international suppliers, so you can get spectacular customized child-resistant packaging solutions in weeks, rather than months.

Whether you need barrier bags, jars for concentrate or flower, exit solutions, tubes, pre-roll containers, tincture packaging, or any other type of packaging, Hippo has you covered.


Hippo Premium Packaging was established to provide superior products and services to the cannabis industry - with pride, passion and professionalism.

The cannabis industry is extraordinarily competitive, and it is vital to have a strong brand and exceptional packaging to generate consumer interest and deepen customer loyalty.

Hippo Premium Packaging can help you achieve your goals. With our award-winning in-house designers, compliance experts, plus printing and production professionals, we are the perfect choice for any cannabis or CBD business that wants to grow.

Give your cannabis businesses a significant competitive edge: Contact Hippo Premium Packaging today for a brand analysis, and discover how to put a team of packaging and branding heavyweights on your side.


Our team provides best-in-class brand-building solutions, with award-winning packaging designs, expertly designed logos, and an array of distinctive custom solutions.


  • Building Powerful Brands
  • Designing Exceptional Packaging
  • Creating Extraordinary Communications

Brand Analysis – We dig deep and determine a brand’s strengths and weaknesses, competitive advantages (or disadvantages), and put together a roadmap to success for a company or a product. We know the cannabis market and can put any company on course to achieving greater market share and increased revenues. 

Brand Development – We create the look and feel for a company or product line that will resonate with customers, generate strong sales, and create deep loyalty. Our award winning team is unmatched in the industry and has created incredible solutions both inside the cannabis industry and in mainstream business.

Brand Refresh – Sometimes a client already has a logo and an image that has some brand equity, but it is out of date and needs refreshing. We are experts and creating a brand evolution, so that existing customers find comfort and new customers discover something new about an existing product or company.

Packaging Design – We are packaging experts. Our key team members came from the packaging industry and worked with Fortune 500 clients on complex and critical projects. This expertise is at the core of what makes Hippo Packaging unique. We can make your packaging sizzle, with tricks of the trade others only dream of. 

Packaging Refresh – Whether to achieve a competitive advantage or to comply with changing regulations, sometimes packaging needs to be updated. We take the sting out of a packaging redesign by offering savvy modifications that improve sales performance, stimulate customer interest, and maintain critical compliance.

Logo Design – We really go overboard on logo designs. Our team of world-class designers dig deep to come up with a logo solution that not only is beautiful and attention generating, but also captures the heart and essence of a brand. We apply our expertise in color, design, illustration, and typography in every logo we create. 

Style Guides – With every new brand, there should be a style guide. This contains details about the way your brand should be presented from both a graphic and language perspective, including logo placement, color palettes, fonts and sizes, and other guidelines to assure brand consistency.

Creative Services – We offer expert design, copywriting and printing for all types of communications, including development of brochures, sales sheets, pitch decks, and more. Take advantage of our depth of expertise and creativity, and let us produce communications for your company that will grab attention and generate results.

Trade Show Booths – Let Hippo be your guide through the maze of trade show booth options. With our team of expert designers and experienced marketing and trade show professionals, we can design a trade show booth for you that commands attention, attracts visitors, and expands your brand recognition in this competitive market.