HOH Corporation

HOH Corporation

1701 Vargrave Street, Winston-Salem, NC 27107

AboutHOH Corporation

The HOH goal is to provide safe, quality, cost-effective solutions to our customer's environmental needs in a manner responsible to our customers, our dedicated employees, and our community.

HOH Corporation began operations in May of 1993 by David Bryant, HOH President and Paul Pelton, Vice President. With many years of experience and knowledge of treating industrial wastewater and designing wastewater equipment between them, both saw a need for a facility in Central North Carolina to treat wastewater from industries.

Wastewater Treatment Division
In July 2002, HOH Corporation was one of the first facilities in the U.S. to receive their Centralized Waste Treatment (CWT) Permit required by the US EPA/CLEAN WATER ACT of December 2000. HOH Corporation elected to comply with the Subcategory D of the CWT Regulations – The treatment of Metal-Bearing Wastewater, Oily Wastewater and Organic Wastewater. CWT rule requires the facility (HOH) to demonstrate equivalent treatment for all subcategories of wastewater. HOH has the equipment in place at its Winston-Salem facility to treat Subcategory D waste streams.