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HOH Corporation

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Soil Vapor Extraction Systems

Soil Vapor Extraction Systems

HOH Corporation designs and fabricates Soil Vapor Extraction (SVE) Systems to meet every customer's specification. Standard HOH packages are capable of a wide variety of flows and pressures.

Standard Equipment:

Regenerative Blowers (for low to medium flow & vacuum requirements)

Positive Displacement Blowers (for higher flow & vacuum requirements)

Appropriately sized explosion-proof blower motor

Moisture separator

Manual, automatic & safety relief valves

Vacuum & pressure gauges

Level controls

Inlet air filter

Intake silencer

Silencer for discharge

Air compressor / manifold

Manual on-off-auto switches (simplifying on-site maintenance operation)


HOH 10-point pre-startup inspection

Every HOH SVE System is fully assembled and tested for function, performance, and safety.

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