iPB Printing BV

iPB Printing BV

De Hoeven 18, 5541 RJ Reusel, Netherlands

AboutIPB Printing BV

The company, founded in 1938, was originally active in the food industry and built up a reputation in the import and export of Koek en Banquet. The increasing importance of packaging has led to the printing of our own packaging in 1991 and soon also the labels of the suppliers.

The company's strategy was redefined at the end of the twentieth century. The decision to further expand the printing activity and make it the core activity of the company was quickly taken. At the turn of the century, the import and export business in cakes and pastries was sold.

Meanwhile, the printing company of in-mould labels and flexible packaging has grown into an interesting partner for various market segments with enthusiastic employees who guarantee an excellent service.

The accumulated expertise enables iPB Printing to fully develop a project for you. iPB Printing sees it as its task to help you with the different phases of an assignment. Starting from a marketing concept, which is translated into the printing reality, up to the optimization of the logistics processes, iPB Printing will advise you at every stage.

To realize this, iPB Printing has the following available for you:

  • A team with extensive experience and knowledge of in-mould labels and flexible packaging that can provide you with simple labels to groundbreaking packaging.
  • A team that masters the process in-house from pre-press to perfect end product.
  • An enthusiastic team that will help you to protect and expand your market position.
  • One team, one point of contact, one company for all your packaging problems.