Italianpack S.p.A

Italianpack S.p.A

Via Al Bassone, 30, 22100 Como CO, Italy

AboutItalianpack S.p.A

Numerous signs pointed to forthcoming new developments in the traditional packaging industry. The idea of marketing-oriented packaging was finally starting to evolve and a brand-new concept was about to take shape.

Back in those years a team of experienced, skilled professionals sharing the same pioneering spirit and common ethical values decided to pool their knowledge and expertise in mechanics, automation, financial management and marketing to lay the foundations for what would become Italianpack.

The growth and profitability of our company are underpinned by an unconventional philosophy, one that strives to share the value we generate not only among our entrepreneurs, but also among all those that constantly contribute to our success story: employees, clients, retailers, suppliers and our territory.

When it comes to dealing with today’s technological, production and trading challenges, “in-depth examining” is the company’s own motto.

Italianpack is the result of the synergic evolution of our workers and the extensive knowledge they have acquired in the field of fresh food packaging technologies, day after day, challenge after challenge.

The constant evolution of our know-how is proportional to an enhanced and improved packaging experience for our clients, now present all over the globe.

The Como area is the quintessential source of creativity. With its stunning location on the shores of a world-renowned lake and its natural proximity to pristine Switzerland, it is home to a host of truly magnificent landscapes that are a magnet for travelers. Moreover, the nearby city of Milan along with our territory is recognized as being the “Valley” that witnessed the birth of the Italian industrial revolution back in the late 19th century.

Constant investment in research and the utmost trust in our machines have enabled Italianpack to successfully meet and exceed growth expectations with an efficient, competent commercial network in every corner of the world.

Today, as a result of the experience acquired over 30 years in the business and with a wide range of highly-reliable packaging machines, Italianpack prides itself on providing its clients with packaging solutions that meet even the most stringent market requirements for freshness and hygiene.

According to authoritative sources, Italianpack packaging machines are placed in the so-called star range that is that golden age of sustained growth for highly technological goods that is in line with a demand that, especially in the food industry, calls for the utmost freshness and hygiene without any waste.

As a company, we stand ready to meet all of the rigours and challenges brought forth by today’s global market.