Kyana Packaging & Industrial Supply 

Kyana Packaging & Industrial Supply 

2501 Ampere Dr, Louisville, KY 40299, United States

AboutKyana Packaging & Industrial Supply 

Kyana Packaging Solutions is the market leader for smart solutions in package design and productivity improvements. We accomplish this through our iPAR ® process, which is based upon collaboration between our customers and our team. Through iPAR ®, we take a holistic look at your company's objectives, with a goal of solving both expressed and unexpressed wishes. From there, we collaborate on ideas that will help you achieve these goals at an accelerated rate.

Our iPAR ® Process is rooted in packaging line and production line automation, but we find that our solutions reach much further than this. Our ideas help customers achieve sustainability objectives, deal with labor challenges, and increase customer satisfaction/retention. All of which increase your company's financial performance.

At Kyana Packaging Solutions, we take pride in remaining on the leading edge of technology to better serve our customers. We deliver innovative ideas to our customers, always keeping them apprised of new technologies that will improve their operations.

Kyana Packaging Solutions offers sustainable packaging that goes beyond just being "green". Sustainability goes beyond curbside recycling. Our efforts are always geared towards right sizing your package with the right material to help reduce increased waste in landfills and oceans.

Our customers know when they have partnered with Kyana Packaging Solutions, their needs, goals and corporate objectives define our priorities; Our employees, as our most important assets, know that our investments in their growth and long term success in life is critical for our company's continued growth and success; Our suppliers know that we value their people, their knowledge and experience as well as their products, which contributes to the success of our customers and our company. Kyana Packaging Solutions prides itself on being a destination company chosen by the best customers, employees and suppliers.