Laem Systems Srl

Laem Systems Srl

Via Brodolini, 42/44, I-15033 Casale Monferrato / AL (Italia)

AboutLaem Systems Srl

Laem System is a leading Italian manufacturer of high-tech slitter rewinders and converting machines for the Film, paper and converting industries.

The company has been developing custom-made solutions for the Industry since 1972. In 2001; Elliot Malki took over the company with the vision and objective of becoming the preferred supplier of high-end slitter rewinders for the leading players in the film and flexible packaging industry around the world.

Passion, creativity, refined technology and flexibility define our approach and characterize the machines we engineer and manufacture. The input and experience of our customers, together with our creative engineering and knowledge of web handling allows us to develop unique solutions that address specific problems and exceed customer’s expectations.

Laem system offers:

Standard products

In the past 10 years we have continuously improved our product range of standard and modular slitter rewinders for converters – RB Series & TR Series – and for film manufacturers or metallizers – TR 555 Series.

Complete Turn Key Projects

The constant search for productivity and efficiency has encouraged Laem System to offer complete solutions for the handling, personalizing and palletizing of the finished rolls, allowing the turret machines to perform at maximum productivity.

Special Tailor-Made Machines

The ability to listen to customers’ needs has pushed Laem System to develop many unique solutions or modifications of standard models that solved a specific need.


If you would like to buy a new machine, but your budget only allows you to retrofit an old one, you can still talk to us about your specific needs and what you want to achieve. We can retrofit and improve existing Laem System machines, as well as Slitters from other manufacturers.