Lahr, Baden-W├╝rttemberg



The house of L ESER has developed to its current size and importance in the course of the traditional company history. Founded in Lahr in 1937, Leser GmbH is today a leading company in the market for high-quality packaging. The fourth generation is already putting their knowledge and skills in the company at the center of their life's work with the aim of maintaining and continuously improving the performance achieved . In order to consolidate and further expand the market position achieved in the competition on the domestic and foreign markets, as well as to open up new business areas, a corresponding earning power is necessary.

It is a prerequisite for securing investments in employees and technology, keeping employees in their jobs and maintaining independence as a family business. In a constantly changing environment, we face new challenges with great commitment. Our strength is the flexibility that helps us to integrate technical and social change into our work process. With the awareness that successful future development as an outstanding company can only be secured on the basis of a jointly supported corporate culture, we present our values and goals below.


Ultimately, our business success rests only on the connection with our customers; That is why we strive for a lasting and reliable partnership with our customers. For us, customer orientation means implementing his ideas, needs and expectations to his and our satisfaction. Our decades of experience, our knowledge of the special tasks of packaging and our know-how form the basis for this. Our goal is to gain and maintain the trust in our products, the organization and the enthusiasm of the customer.


Communication, information, motivation and qualification are the principles for our dealings with one another. They create a working atmosphere in which values such as openness, trust, honesty, reliability and acceptance are lived. New employees are carefully introduced to the company and placed in jobs that match their skills and performance. Discussions with superiors to address professional or personal problems and to seek solutions are possible at any time.


We see our company embedded in an environment in which the environment enjoys special protection. With ideas and concepts, we want to use environmentally friendly processes that are technically and economically feasible. The economical use of resources and the recycling of unavoidable waste is a matter of course for us. We are aware of our responsibility to posterity and act accordingly.


In 1998, Leser GmbH was the first company in the industry to be certified according to DIN EN ISO 9001 and 14001.