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Our technical staff has over 30 years of experience in the production of automatic packaging machines, making Microline a highly reliable, flexible and competent partner.

Microline can boast a specialization in the manufacture of automatic end-of-line packaging machines, particularly developed for the tissue sector, as well as the food industry. The company's extensive know-how has driven its continuous expansion also into the cosmetics sector (cotton) and in other markets.

Precisely to respond to the needs of a whole variety of sectors and products, the company has devised solutions which simultaneously offer utmost versatility, safety and efficiency.

What sets Microline offerings apart is no doubt the concept of modularity. Our machines consist of a standard model that can be customised with the simple addition of modules or dedicated options.

The modular solutions– for shrink-wrappers, flow wrappers and horizontal and vertical case packers for paper rolls, paper tissues, boxes, napkins and interfolded products, connection, switching and collation systems and palletisers– in fact guarantee a specific answer for every type of product and need.

Precisely thanks to the modular conception, Microline is able to overcome every logistical challenge and can improve line efficiency and productivity by incorporating an individual machine into existing arrangements or reorganising the whole line to meet new requirements.

With a view to providing customers with a complete service, MICROLINE offers services such as: layout design, organisation of conveyor systems, assembly, maintenance, commissioning, personnel training and supply of spare parts.